How to Migrate Git Repository with Branches and Commit History

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A short and useful post today, recently we had a customer requirement to migrate their git repositories from one account to another service provider, for example moving from bitbucket to GitHub, the repositories had a history of branches and commit for over 5 years and were quite huge in size.

The solution was quite simple but I thought to document this for anyone who is looking to solve a similar problem.


Step 1 is to mirror the Git repository to your local machine by the following command

The above command would create a directory with your repository name.git format for example myproject.git

Step 2 is to create a new repository on the destination server with the same name (not required though)

Step 3 is set the remote repository URL, run the command from inside your git repo folder

Step 4 is to push the repository to the destination

By running the following commands you can migrate the complete Git repository with all Commit history and Branches.

Hope you find this post useful, please leave a comment for any questions or suggestions.


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Originally published at on October 10, 2018.

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